Mr. McCathren, President and General Counsel

About Mr. McCathren

Mr. McCathren, President and General Counsel, specializes in auto finance and lease regulatory compliance, wholesale lending; residual risk management, residual value insurance auditing and analysis, financial analysis and modeling of portfolio performance, lease and loan program design, and end-of-term lease remarketing and telemarketing. He is a frequent expert witness in auto leasing and finance-related litigation including dealer finance and insurance sale practices, Regulation Z and Regulation M issues. He has consulted for the Federal Reserve Board and National Credit Union Administration on leasing and lending regulatory issues. Mr. McCathren is experienced in both the contractual and tax aspects of leasing. He is an expert in auditing lease documentation and lease and loan pricing models. Mr. McCathren has designed a number of analytic software packages for lease pricing and evaluation of lease program performance and profitability. He is frequently cited in both the trade and popular press on his assessments of the auto leasing business including:  The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Forbes, Fortune, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Business Week and Automotive News, and has made numerous television appearances on behalf of the industry.

Mr. McCathren, an attorney, is a graduate of Yale University (B.S. 1971, magna cum laude) and the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (J.D. 1974, Associate Editor, California Law Review). He has been a staff attorney with the Federal Trade Commission and has taught at the University of Texas Law School and Vanderbilt University Law School.

In addition to consulting with the Federal Reserve Board on leases regulatory issues and serving on the Consumer Lease Education Task Force, Mr. McCathren represented industry members in the formulation of the 1998 Regulation M and the Uniform Consumer Leases Act. Mr. McCathren is frequently called upon by federal and state regulatory agencies for assistance because of his experience on consumer vehicle regulatory matters. Mr. McCathren is the co-author of the only two books devoted exclusively to the technical requirements of the vehicle leasing business The Automobile Lending and Leasing Manual (1989) and the Essentials of Consumer Vehicle Leasing (1985), as well as Auto Financing Update.

Mr. McCathren convened The National Lessor Roundtable, now the Association of Consumer Vehicle Lessors, whose members include virtually all of the largest vehicle lessors.  He is now Managing Director of the Association of Consumer Vehicle Lessors.

Popular Press Quotations

“And some consumers are better off trading fewer miles for lower payments. They include older motorists who may drive less, professionals who drive company cars, and people who work at or close to home. ‘There are even people who have three cars for two drivers,’ says Randall McCathren, president of the Association of Consumer Vehicle Lessors. ‘Low-mileage leases are a response to consumer demand.’” “Low-mileage Leases Are Not For Everyone,” Oscar Suris, The Wall Street Journal.

“Some automakers have lost money from cheap lease deals and bad forecasting of what a vehicle would be worth at the end of the term. ‘You will see more cash and loan subsidies,’ says Randall McCathren, executive vice president of Bank Lease Consultants.” “Fewer drivers leasing autos,” Earle Eldridge, USA Today.

“Car-title loans can get consumers into even more trouble, says Randall McCathren, president of the auto-finance consultant BLC Associates.”  “Dragged Down by Debt,” Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek.